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With Jona Bryndis

We will not find the inner strength to evolve to a higher level if we do not inwardly develop this profound feeling that there is something higher than ourselves.

~ Rudolf Steiner

Finding Your Soul's Roadmap

From Within

Personal Sessions


Learn what blocks you and how to get past it.

Personal Soul Self Connection Energy Coaching and Therapy Sessions remote or phone (60-120 minutes) on appointment



Cultivate Your Spiritual Soul Connection

Weekly Personal GRACE Energy Sessions with Energy Coaching remote and phone (60-120 minutes) on appointment




Learn new strategies to tune into your inner world without fear or judgment. Practice letting go of what is holding you back from living your truth and witness your life unfold.

Challenge yourself with monthly tasks

Alternating Energy Coaching & Remote Energy Sessions every week (four per month 60 min each)



Implement soulfulness techniques and learn to discern truth on all levels of your life. Discover your highest potential and remember how to embody it.

Follow through with weekly tasking and reflecting

Weekly Energy Coaching and Remote Energy Sessions (Eight Sessions per month 60-90 min each)



Discover your soul's language and tap into your higher learning and self-mastery abilities. Connect, communicate and live from your heart through daily energy alignment and reflection.

Dedicate 30 minutes every day to fulfilling your soul's promise and bring your soulfulness into its highest expression.

Daily Energy Alignment (30 min each) and tasking Weekly Energy Coaching (60-90 min each) and access to all Remote Energy Training sessions 20 per month (60 - 90 min each)

transCODES Energy Therapy Healing Coaching

The Experience

If we knew better, we would have done better. SOULFULNESS means opening our perception to what our ego cannot know. It resists everything that is new. To be soulful means to make our soul the subject of our love.

~ Jona Bryndis


"I am amazed at the amount of growth and gained perspective in just three short months. Was it easy? Not always. Was it worth it? Beyond anything you can imagine!

 The cutting edge knowledge and techniques along with the dedication and care that participants receive is unlike anything else out there. I am truly blessed to have been a part of this program.  I can honestly say I am a true Heart Warrior and can really feel it now!"

~ Cindy, Colorado


This program is no child's play. I am only 6 weeks in the course and already I am actually experiencing important shifts from within.

I am also now able to feel when people are projecting energies on me which used to bring on a lot judgements in me; as my Heart Space is expanding the room for judgement lessens. Now this is just my personal experience so far in the course in accordance to my Soul Self, somebody else will have completely different experience according to His/Her Inner Soul Self State but in the end we all have a common goal "TO BE CONGRUENT WITH OUR SOUL SELF, THE I AM WITHIN US".

I cannot finish this without showing GRATITUDE ( which is also an important part of this journey) to the transCODES staff who is always a tremendous support on this Journey "A BIG THANK YOU GUYS I AM GREATFUL FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT".

~ Jacques, Ireland


This program has changed my entire outlook on life!

The heart based energy training here has given me the key to remembering my true essence. The repeated exposure to higher frequency energies and energy processes has taken me through uncovering layers and layers of protection from around my heart.

I did not know just how much and what had been limiting me, my life was very externalised. By overcoming deep seated pain and fears to exploring connection, freedom, playfulness, joy and freedom. This training has prompted me again and again to go within

and to become more real, feel truth and feel love

This training will be with me for life.

~ Jemma, Australia


I decided to join this program to really accelerate  my journey of living a conscious life. I wanted to really walk the walk and talk the talk. I didn't really have a clue how this program was going to change my life at the time. In just three months I have come to understand myself and how my patterns, conditions and programs play out in my life. I really really thought I had a handle on all of this from my ten year journey in the "energy world".

What I've come to understand is that there are always layers, no matter how much work you've done. This program has helped me recognize things on a much deeper level. Sometimes subtle and sometimes not so much. The work has helped me become the observer and really know what is coming up, which makes it much healthier in all my daily interactions and relationships.  I look forward to my continued journey with this amazing community of like minded souls. 

~ Sarah, Canada


The combination of the energy clearings and conscious energy work I've been learning have been phenomenal in helping me through some really challenging times. The coaching sessions that follow the energy sessions are invaluable in gaining a deeper understanding and knowledge of myself and my deeper aspects and challenges

– like shining a torch into the darkness.

I can honestly say that the work I have done with transCodes has been truly life changing. The depth of understanding of my programs and patterns, the compassion I now have for myself [and others] and my growing inner resilience are all priceless gifts that your work and dedication have given me.

~ Tracie, Australia


Besides individualist Soul Self Training

transCODES offers an education platform that regularly faciliates public energy training sessions, webinars, livestreams, articles, soundgifts and youtube explainer videos.

For you to stay in touch with our work we sent out notifications about live streams, new educational videos, articles, transcripts and workshops.

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