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Jona Bryndis

Jona Bryndis is internationally known as Energy Therapist & Healer, founded transCODES as Energy Healing and Coaching platform for energetically sensitive and empathic clients in 2010.

Jona was born in Iceland and grew up in Germany. She started her professional energy coaching career as consultant in the emerging computer industry and later became an instructor, coach and motivational speaker. She published articles, co-authored magazine articles, had TV appearances, and worked as teacher, public speaker for a Children's nutrition related non-profit organization. 

In the constant search for new approaches and more holistic modalities, Jona decided to complement her rather secular education in Chemistry and Computer Science through more spiritual and psychological studies in NLP, Remote Viewing, spiritual healing and Metaphysics. She is currently working on her combined Master's Degree and PhD in Metaphysics through the International University of Metaphysics in Sedona.

transCODES provides a platform for awakening souls, energetically sensitives, healing professionals and healers from all over the world. transCODES offers public and individual healing services, energy coaching, and energy training courses along with a wide range of educational resources, video trainings, webinars, and forum for the growing self-healing community.

Jona's teachings are dedicated to empower people to find their True and Authentic Self and thus succeed in their search for fulfillment and purpose in life. Jona is specialized in Abundance Coaching, Deep Self-Healing (Trauma and Karma Work), as well as Recovery and Addictions. Her Consciousness Training is based on energy code work, that allows a person's vibratory rate to out-vibrate existing or recurring blocks through Inner Heart-Connection.

transCODES' Self-Awareness Programs:

Sacred Self-Healing Online Course

Heart-Warrior Program

Energy Training Program

Energy Healer Certification Programs


Worldwide non-profit Sacred Self-Healing Circles

​WITH YOUR SUPPORT Jona can further expand her work and help individuals and practitioners to heal and find their true purpose in life.


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